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e* Tijara

National Employment Programe Oman 

year: 2022

project manager

e*تجارة is a 3-months long bootcamp aimed at developing the skills of 125 job seekers in the north Batinah region within the world of e-commerce. The bootcamp began in October 2022 where Al Jabr has accepted more than 200+ participants, most of which are job seekers who are interested in starting their own e-commerce business. Other participants consist of individuals who have an existing business on social media platforms such as instagram.


During the first month of the bootcamp, the participants were given an introduction to e-commerce as well as a series of idea generation workshops. Each participant decided upon their concept ideas and analyzed them using the lean canvas and the MOM test. Our partners from iON basket also conducted several sessions highlighting the legal aspects of e-commerce in Oman as well as invoicing and finances. 


In the second month of the program the participants will be building their own e-commerce platforms using iON Basket’s system before learning how to present and market their business ideas to potential investors. 


The level of participation in the program so far has been extremely exciting and we are looking forward to showcase the participants’ businesses by the end of the program!

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Hamed Al Kharoosi

| innovation associate

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