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We power startups

We're here to help you build your vision. We've been working for years with startups from aspiring founders to early stage entrepreneurs and we know what it takes to build a successful business. We want to be a part of your success!


scale your vision

Through various programs each year, we invest  from $50K up to $200K in founders and startups looking to scale their business. 

Your idea,
our priority.

Corporate-startup engagement

Transform Your Startup's Potential by connecting directly with corporate companies looking to work with innovative solutions. explore areas of partnerships through proof of concept programs, investment opportunities and direct contracts.

start up, level up. 

By joining one of our programs, we become your partner for your growth and success. with services, perks and benefits to help you transform your business. 

Mentorship & consultations

An ever-growing network of mentors and founders supporting other founders

Access to a regional community

Access to regional market

Perks and discounts

Describe one of your services

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