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nama holding group

year: 2021

project manager

Silah program was commenced by the communication and sustainability team in Nama Holding Group in efforts to create an innovative approach for the creation of the Communication and sustainability strategy. 


The program focused on utilizing the best of lean methodology and creative design in the development of new initiatives that would ensure bringing forward the views and the interests of all Nama employees that could have a direct and indirect impact to the communication methodology and tools used internally and externally.


Throughout the program, AL JABR MENA who were awarded the development and implementation of Sillah program have taken into consideration the previous work developed by the communication and sustainability teams as well as the past data collected from various reports to pursue a data-driven strategy that can be easily measured and evaluated as the initiatives get deployed and refined with time.


The approach that was taken began with identifying a mission statement for the strategy. This was followed by “Silah”, a program focusing on transforming the high-level mission statement into objectives that can be measured through a set of Key Results (OKRs). This process ensured that the strategy plan is laser focused on achieving results and impact that can be measured quantitatively and qualitatively.


Two separate mandate formation sessions took place with different groups of employees across different companies and different departments of Nama. These sessions enabled the employees to shed light on the communication related issues from their perspective as employees and then as customers.

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Noor Al Haddabi

| lead business analyst

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