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shira'a | freezone incubator

SMEs Development Authority and Public Authority for Special Economic Zones and Freezones

year: 2022 - on going 

project manager

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Shira'a incubator is a one-of-a-kind startup incubation program operated in three main free zones in the Sultanate of Oman (Sohar, Duqm, and Salalah).


Al Jabr leads the operation in Shira'a incubator - Shira'a enables enterprises to fast-track their functions, focusing on four primary pillars: 

  • Business operations consultation.

  • Finance consultation.

  • Marketing consultation.

  • Legal consultation.

The incubation program's duration is 3-Years long. As for the duration the enterprises would spend on the program depends on their growth status and which stage they are; The program differs from company to company, depending on where they stand in their entrepreneurial journey. 

The program extends its involvement beyond consultations by creating networking events, series of workshops and discussions to increase investment and post-incubation opportunities as well as creating a platform to increase awareness about them.

Sarrah Al Saadi

| startup development programs lead

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