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Al Jabr MENA And SD Center For Entrepreneurship Excellence Partner To Nurture Startups In Oman And The UAE

Al Jabr MENA, a Muscat-based innovation development company, and SD Center For Entrepreneurship Excellence (SDCEE), a Dubai-based talent development company, have partnered to offer services and solutions to enable startups to scale and expand easily between Oman and the UAE.

According to its release, combining the expertise of SDCEE and Al Jabr MENA, the partnership aims to nurture existing and future entrepreneurs by offering knowledge and support to effectively garner greater market traction and build fruitful funding opportunities.

The services offered by both the organizations will be available to regional entrepreneurs, as well as international startups looking to scale in the GCC region. Both organizations will support entrepreneurs by offering access to capital, mentorship, acquiring talent, access to market and collaboration opportunities, including support with regulator and government entities. Mohammed Al Wahaibi, CEO, Al Jabr MENA with Shailesh Dash, founder and Director, SD Centre for Entrepreneurship Excellence.

Shailesh Dash, founder and Director, SD Centre for Entrepreneurship Excellence, said the partnership will strengthen entrepreneurship culture in the region. "Given the necessity and importance for entrepreneurs to build a scalable business model from the beginning of their journey, it was imperative for our team to build regional bridges for our members," he said. Meanwhile, Mohammed Al Wahaibi, CEO, Al Jabr MENA, noted how the collaboration is a win-win for entrepreneurs in both markets. "Our partnership with SD Centre for Entrepreneurship Excellence creates value for both our startups, as well as startups in UAE looking for growth opportunities in Oman and the Middle East," he said.

"Individuals and companies on both sides will gain knowledge, support, access to capital, and market opportunities to scale their businesses in the region," Al Wahaibi, added. "We want our current and future startups to succeed and scale, for that we will continually improve our offering and put in place robust support and collaboration opportunities.

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