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innovate Oman

Plexal, and the UK Oman Digital Hub


project manager

Innovate Oman


In partnership with Plexal and the UK Oman Digital Hub, The British Embassy in Muscat and the UK Oman Digital Hub commissioned an initiative aimed to boost digital skills, support entrepreneurship, and grow the country’s tech ecosystem. The initiative consisted of a research piece and a program. 


The Innovate Oman program saw 9 startups graduate, and was delivered with strategic partners such as CyLon and Imperial College London. The program consisted of the following phases:


  • Innovate Oman Hack

We helped students, recent graduates and entrepreneurs develop ideas in response to cyber security challenges set by industry partners which were centered around ransomware and maritime security. 


  • Innovate Oman Accelerator

Delivered by CyLon, participants received masterclasses and workshops to enable them to achieve a product-market fit, and further develop their technology and businesses. Graduates from the Innovate Oman Hack were invited to take part in the accelerator.


  • Innovate Oman Progress

The 20-day sprint saw 15 startups, including graduates from the first two phases of the program receive mentoring and workshops tailored to help them develop and grow their cyber businesses.


The research piece looked into the Business Landscape in Oman with a focus on entrepreneurship and innovation, where key stakeholders from public and private sectors shared valuable insight, in addition to other stakeholders such as entrepreneurs, investors, and operators within the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The report highlighted key industries, gaps, and opportunities that could see significant growth and impact in the Omani economy. Note: the report has still not been authorized for publication by the British Embassy in Oman. 

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Noor Al Haddabi

| lead business analyst

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